The Lifetime Giving Society was created to recognize the generosity and loyalty of those contributing to the success of Alabama Athletics through gifts to the Crimson Tide Foundation. Sustained, long-term support is paramount to the continued success of our athletics programs. The pinnacle of the Lifetime Giving Society is the Bryant Society, named after legendary coach, Paul "Bear" Bryant. Coach Bryant famously said:

It's not the will to win that matters... everyone has that. It's the will to prepare to win that matters.

The Bryant Society is comprised of individuals, families, and organizations who understand that championship programs are built through vision and an unwavering desire for excellence. They each play their part in our efforts to "prepare to win" by contributing leadership gifts of at least $1 million. Now, more than ever, philanthropic contributions can be the catalyst for success by providing the margin of excellence that sets The University of Alabama apart.

Each year, the Crimson Tide Foundation celebrates the contributions of the Bryant Society members during an induction ceremony and dinner. The oil portraits displayed in the Donor Hall of Recognition further honor the members of the Bryant Society and the indelible impact they have had on The University of Alabama Department of Athletics.

Inaugural Bryant Society Inductees

  • A-Club Alumni Association
  • William R. Battle III
  • Paul W. Bryant Jr.
  • Angus R. Cooper II
  • James M. Fail
  • John D. Johns
  • Edward A. Labry III
  • Judy Livingston
  • John McMahon / The Pleiad Foundation
  • Beverly & Larry Morris
  • Carol & Thomas Patterson
  • John H. Plott
  • Ann Rhoads
  • Phil Shapiro
  • Sarah Frances Smith & Steven D. Smith
  • Sallie & Warren Williamson

2016 Bryant Society Inductees

  • Hugh F. Culverhouse Jr.
  • Suzanne & Duane Cunningham
  • Jean & Don Ghareeb
  • Susan & Macon W. Gravlee Jr.
  • Lynn & William David Gwin Sr.
  • Matthew Hogan
  • Teresa & Curt Morgan
  • Farid Rafiee
  • Genie & Michael D. Thompson
  • Jamie Alexander Tisch

2017 Bryant Society Inductees

  • Margaret & Walter Batson
  • R. Alan Hall
  • Ava & Charles McPherson
  • Jim Wilson III
  • Anonymous

2018 Bryant Society Inductees

  • Kathy & Mike Mouron
  • Lily & Dyron Overton
  • Pat & David Peterson
  • Charlene & Larry Shaffer, Sr.
  • Anonymous

2019 Bryant Society Inductees

  • Melinda & Edward K. Aldag, Jr.
  • Mary Virginia & Bill Best
  • Rebecca & Norman Estes
  • Susan & Grayson Hall
  • Dr. Douglas C. Lanier, Jr.
  • Kathy & Raymond McCaffrey
  • Ashley and Joel McMahon
  • Rene & Keith Palmer
  • Sexton Family Foundation Honoring Bill Sexton
  • Joan & W. Stancil Starnes
  • Denise & Phil Webb
  • Susan & Rod Wilkin
  • Anonymous